Thursday, January 10, 2008

Swedish Army data breach ......

On the heals of my post on "pure-play" I couldn't resist highlighting another data breach event. These kind of security problems cannot be solved by traditional security solutions.

The post on modeling the movement of data in our enterprises highlights the danger of data moving on mobile devices, more specifically, USB devices.

Check out this breach highlighted by "Schneier on Security" [this is an interesting blog that covers a broad security discussion].

The mobility and accessibility to our information is one of the benefits of the "cyberframe" era.

There is a dark side however. Its the ease with which sensitive information can be moved and therefore compromised.

Big Risks Come in Small Packages" [from Schneier] makes some excellent points on the subject.

This breach is just another example of why we need new Security 2.0 thinking and technology!

As I come across data breaches I will log them into this site

Don on Data

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