Thursday, December 6, 2007

We aren't in Kansas anymore!

Dorthy said it best ......

OK, I will just come out and say it;

"to solve this problem will take a rethink of how we store, move and use data".

It will require Security 2.0 thinking.

There isn't a quick fix and there won't be a security patch that magically upgrades our infrastructures after which all our data is safe.

Oh yeah, it will take additions our budget and it will take some time to complete. Then again most things worthwhile are expensive and take time. Add an new line item to your budget called: Security 2.0 investment... your customers will be grateful :)

This problem is a holistic one and will require that we bring to bear the disciplines that we so often keep separated on the IT org chart.

I call these key disciplines the 3S of IT: Security, Storage and Systems Management (clever name 3SIT huh!).

Why do we need to take a multi-discipline approach? Well because data doesn't just sit statically in our infrastructure, it moves, its used and shared and when its not moving it is sitting in the vast Yota bytes of our file systems. When it moves it moves everywhere, inside and outside our infrastructure.

Check out this interesting link Yota.

We need to effectively protect the sensitive data that enters, is used in and exits our enterprise.

In the coming posts I will lay out a model that will be the foundation for us to start protecting sensitive data.

Don on data!

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