Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Innagural post

This picture reminds me of our Global Information Technology Infrastructure.
At first you see it as a surrealistic portrait of majesty and structure. When you look closer you see how it can be dangerous and unforgiving.
IT is actually a very complex expanse of technology, process and information.
For those who don't manage the IT environment with serious respect for its power and content, the consequences will be devastating.

This blog is dedicated to data, not the Star trek character but rather the kind that needs protection.

I have spent a career protecting peoples data yet more than ever data still needs protection. Like a chameleon, the data protection problem changes its colors as our computing environment evolves. This blog is a place to share and discuss the shifting colors of the data protection problem. When I say data protection I don't mean backup, I mean the full protection of our data. Protection comes in many varieties and we should thoroughly discuss those here.

Don on Data!

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