Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back to the Future

I just realized how to know when you are entering the AARP of your career. Its when you recognize that all of a sudden the industry you are working in starts to look allot like it did when you started working in it. I remember the good old days. You see I am probably the last of the Mainframe generation. I cut my teeth on computers in a time when bus and tag was the high tech lingo and the IT department provided you everything you needed, and if they didn't have it, you didn't need it. It was a time when everything IT, sat behind a big fat pipe and a single stout computer. We computed on a virtual machine that none ever saw or really cared about for that matter.

Now I sit in front of a browser on IGoggle where much of what I do is hosted on a web servers sitting somewhere in cyberspace. Today the high tech lingo is Web 2.0, Blog, AJAX, social network and syndication.

By the way I am a big believer that in the near future we will all be computing directly from the Web using browsers, services and the PC will just be a 3270 terminal .

I've gone full circle I started by computing on a Mainframe and here I am computing on a [cyber]mainframe.

A Cyberframe is the virtual back end of every browser which is used to do any form of computing. In fact we all still have terminals [personal computers] that connect into the mother of all mainframes called Cyberspace.

I'm not yearning for those good old days however. Back then computing was for the elite and it had nothing to do with improving your business, communications or productivity. The personal computer ruined us forever. We now view the role of computers and computing as utilitarian as a power plug. No one is really that impressed any more when you tell them "I have my own computer" :).

So what does this have to do with DATA protection ? The discussion continues.

Don on data!

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